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After much consideration, I have decided to put my name forward for election at the forthcoming House of Keys elections in Douglas North.  

Our island faces a huge amount of challenges over the next five years, some of which are decisions that this outgoing House has simply put off.  The level of the challenges in front of us must not be underestimated, and will make the incoming House quite probably the most challenging in living memory.

We need members that are not afraid to make a decision and, most importantly, stick to it.  No more ducking the hard choices or delaying what needs to be done.  If elected, I don’t just want to represent the people of the island I want to also listen to them, something I feel that has been all too lacking over the last five years.  The government is there to represent the people not the other way round.

From diversification of the economy, to completion of long delayed infrastructure projects such as Douglas Promenade, strong action and leadership is needed.  The next five years need to be a period of delivery, not delay.

This is a critical election for our island, and people need to stand up and be counted and that is what I am now doing.


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Published by David Ashford 19 Berrywoods Avenue Douglas IM2 7DA Representation of the People Act 1995

Independent Candidate - House of Keys elections Douglas North


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